Through our flagship product ProjectTools we provide solutions for Government and
Public Sector clients across state-owned entities, municipal, provincial and national
government levels. ProjectTools is a suite of business productivity products that drive
efficiency and productivity at organisational and employee levels by empowering you
to reach full digital transformation.

With ProjectTools you'll be empowered to achieve consistent unqualified audits.
You'll be able to meet project, expenditure and service delivery targets.

ProjectTools modules include but are not limited to:

Citizen Engagement IDP Management Performance Management Audit Improvement Help Desk Management


Oganisations in the insurance industry are faced with working in a modern
environment that is rapidly changing and increasing in its complexity. The modern
customer base as become accustom to new and efficient ways of interaction
especially in the social media context. This has driven a change in customer
preferences and expectations. With all that said, market
erosion across product lines
demand creative approaches to product development, and a willingness to keep up
with the rapid changes in technology.

Many insurers are looking beyond traditional markets and distribution channels for
oppertunities. They have come to realise that technology has to play an invaluable
enabling roll in positioning them to meet these demands.


It is a widely accepted fact that credible data is necessary for decision-making and
regular system-wide monitoring. This accentuates the need to implement effective
health information system. Hospital Online provides the effective gathering and
management of your data; intergrating the national health information system with the
provincial, district, facility and community-based information systems.

Our solution Hospital Online strengthens access to healthcare information on web
based and mobile data entry and retrieval linked to the existing department of health
information system(DHIS).

You'll be empowered to play a key role in the tracking and optimising the
performance of healthcare facilities and systems


Become a real-time fuel & fleet management partner to your clients

Be proud be able to continuously build value driven, world-class fleet management and fleet
telematics solutions with our FleetSync Network. Our robust reporting and fleet control
systems provide complete fleet cost and operation visibility, thereby enabling effective fleet
control. This cover all espects of fleet management. This includes but is not limited to:

Managing & reducing running cost Controlling your fuel dispensing Controlling your fuel payments Automating your fleet exception reports
Eliminating fraudulent syphoning etc. Boosting your fleet management efficiency Streamlining your regulatory administration management